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  • CEO | Africa Biz
  • Vice Minister of Health
  • President/CEO
  • Member of Parliament
  • Director | Solar Energy
  • Minister of Tourism
  • Head of Customs
  • Senator
  • Ambassador to the UN




US - Africa Business Bridge


Where companies from across two continents come to meet their perfect partner.



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U.S. - Africa Business Bridge


Helping American businesses expand into Africa by leveraging the rising influence of African women leaders in business and government.



Linking American and African Companies 


The U.S.-Africa Business Bridge links leading African businesswomen with deep experience in the United States, to American companies looking to enter the African market. 


U.S. - Africa Business Bridge


We are a trade association helping American and African companies find appropriate partnerships and  expand their business horizons. 

Through our proprietary vetting and matching service, American companies find reliable and knowledgeable partners of elite African businesswomen while African companies find American partners that can open the US market for them.

We uncover opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to identify and allow our members to explore previously unavailable avenues. 


Trade Association

We are a trade association helping American and African companies find appropriate partnerships and expand their business horizons.

Proprietary Vetting

Through our proprietary vetting and matching services, American and African companies find reliable and knowledgeable partners.

Uncovered Opportunities

We uncover opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to identify.
US - Africa
Business Bridge

Our Matchmaking Process


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Start expanding your horizons by interacting and creating long-lasting business bonds that will take your venture from here across the world.

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Finding great partners

Africa's Women take the lead


In recent decades Africa’s women have assumed more important roles in the lives of their countries.  They are increasingly educated, increasingly participate in the labor force and are slowly narrowing the earnings gap with men.  And they are benefiting from ongoing legal reforms that allow them to own property, start businesses and access credit.


Find Your Perfect  Partner


U.S. Businesses

Find African partners with deep knowledge of the American market, and experience in both the United States and Africa.


Connect with Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs who are part of the US-Africa Business Bridge database.  Leverage their interest in working with American companies to advance their own and their partners' goals.  Benefit from the wealth of opportunities available to US firms ready to expand into Africa.


Find Your Perfect  Partner


African Businesses

Find U.S. companies ready to enter the African market who are in search of knowledgeable and reliable partners on the ground.  Profit from American investment and expertise.  Grow your own business and explore the possibility of expanding it into the United States.




The women of Africa have held – or currently hold – positions as presidents, prime ministers, ministers of all kinds and members of legislative bodies. Just to give a couple of examples, half of the current South African cabinet is comprised of women and Rwanda has for several years ranked first in the world for percentage of women in its legislature.




The US - Africa Business Bridge will promote a more robust US business presence in Africa – leading to an increase in US jobs and more US exports to Africa.


In addition, it will give the leading female entrepreneurs of Africa – who are motivated by long-term success – opportunities to grow their businesses at home and in the American market and to acquire expertise and capital from their American partners.    




Sub-Saharan Africa offers enormous potential for trade and investment to American businesses.  An upcoming population boom – of an additional 1.3 billion people by 2050 – translates to a significant and immediate need for new infrastructure in all sectors. And -- with a rapidly growing middle class across the continent -- the demand for consumer goods is high and climbing.


Our members both in the United States and Africa represent a broad array of sectors and industries.






African agribusiness is currently worth over $300 billion and is estimated to top $1 trillion by 2030. This sector also employs over half of the African population. The future...

Arts, Entertainment and Fashion


Arts, Fashion and Entertainment


Cultural and creative industries are the second largest economic sector in Africa, generating annual revenues of more than $4 billion and employing more than 550,000 people...

Consumer Goods


Consumer Goods


Consumer expenditure in Africa has reached $1.4 trillion in 2015 and is expected to top $2.5 trillion by 2030, when the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) could lead to the formation...





With more Africans moving into the middle class, African energy demand is expected to more than double by 2040. Much of the demand is expected to be satisfied by renewable energy sources...





Fisheries and aquaculture directly contribute over $24 billion to the African economy and provides employment to over 12 million people. This sector also has a high employment multiplier...





Africa is considered by many experts to be the world’s next manufacturing hub. This sector is projected to reach $666.3 billion by 2030 and to capture a significant percentage of the 100 ...

Mining and Oil


Mining and Oil


Africa is immensely wealthy in natural resources. It has some of the planet's largest oil and natural gas reserves -- with new fields opening around the continent...

Science and Medicine


Science and Technology


Africa’s scientists are pioneering cutting-edge research. They’re tackling a wide variety of projects – from those relating to astrophysics to HIV/AIDS to climate resilience and agricultural output...





The growing strength of Africa’s economy is creating tremendous opportunities in the services sector. Both legal and financial services providers see significant opportunities in ...

Technology and Communications


Technology and Comminucations


The pace of investment and innovation in the African technology and telecommunications is growing and global internet transit providers are entering the market. Fiber networks and fib...





The African tourism industry has been growing yearly by 5-7%. Consumer spending on tourism in Africa  is estimated to grow to over $261 billion by 2030 and most African countries ...





Africa’s infrastructure needs are in excess of $130 billion per year, representing a great opportunity for companies in the transportation sector. Building of seaports, airports and roads ...


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